Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Piranha Plant Version 2.0

Just a few minutes ago, Nintendo dropped the most recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate update, bringing the game to version 2.0 and debuting its wacky first DLC character, Piranha Plant.

Version 2.0 brings a few of its own changes to the mix. Aside from a few new Spirits, you can now play Spirit Board with up to four players. Furthermore, the calculation for Global Smash Power has been “adjusted,” whatever that means, and pressing both jump buttons simultaneously will make your fighter short hop. Other than that, there are a few basic balance adjustments and character changes. What lasting effects this will have on the developing tier list and your mains, however, is yet to be determined. Here are the patch notes:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Piranha Plant Version 2.0

If you haven’t yet registered your copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate with My Nintendo, you have until the 31st to do so and unlock a free code for Piranha Plant. The potted fighter is certainly in the running for the most off-the-wall Smash Bros fighter yet (though there have been some much zanier suggestions). Those of you who have already redeemed Piranha Plant can go try out your new fighter right now. Finally, now that Piranha Plant and Version 2.0 are here, Smash fans can look forward to the series next newcomer…Joker hype train, anyone?


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