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As we come closer and closer to the December 7th launch, the full roster for Super Smash Bros Ultimate has almost been revealed. Today, we can possibly cross off one of the last remaining question marks on the final fighter list. Ken has apparently been revealed as an Echo Fighter for Ryu.

For those who need a refresher, Echo Fighters represent Sakurai’s answer to character clones cluttering the roster. Echo Fighters, such as Lucina, Dark Samus, and Chrom, do not occupy their own spot on the roster and will have slightly different movesets than an actual fighter on the roster (Dark Samus, for example, seems to be Samus but with a bit more of a punch). They are essentially somewhere between being unique characters and skins.

The apparently leaked screenshot depicts Ken showing off a taunt alongside Pichu, Pac-Man, and Bulbasaur (It is so, so weird that a video game battle between those four characters is even theoretically possible). There are some debug menus present in the screenshot as well.

The picture, seen above, is pretty well-shopped if it is indeed a fake. Either this is legitimate or someone has too much time on their hands. Both, of course, are equally possible, and it seems to me like we have not had quite enough misleading rumors surrounding Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. 

Ken has been heavily rumored as one of the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster additions for a while now. As a character closely associated with Ryu, Ken would work well as an Echo Fighter. In the event that this leak ends up being legitimate, then that may lend some credence to the other half of the original Ken rumor–that Incineroar will occupy the final roster spot.

What do you think? Do you buy this screenshot? Would Ken be an exciting roster edition, or were you hoping for less Street Fighter, less Echo Fighters, or even less third party reps in general? At a little over two months away, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is sure to please fans everywhere on its December 7th release. Sometime before then, we will learn if this rumor really does have any truth to it.


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