winged tournament Smash Ultimate

The next online tournament has been announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, featuring winged characters. As per usual, players will be restricted to fighters surrounding this theme, so expect to be playing as Banjo & Kazooie, Pit, and any other brawler with wings. It will kick off on Friday, October 1 and will last until Sunday, October 3. Just like with previous online tournaments, winning matches will net you various spirits as a reward.

Winged tournament aside, next week will be exciting for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as Sakurai will be revealing the game’s final DLC fighter. Predictions have been coming in for quite some time, with fans hoping for characters such as Crash Bandicoot to join the roster. Recently, a “leak” was posted on 4chan suggesting that Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series may be the final DLC character, but we have been running into leaks with zero credibility for a long time now. (Imran Khan once claimed that Sora had already been vetoed for Smash.) However, if this does end up happening, I would be extremely happy with the announcement.

In the meantime, you will be able to participate in the winged character-themed online tournament in Super Smash Bros Ultimate this weekend. The final Mr. Sakurai Presents will take place on October 5 at 7:00 a.m. PT / 10:00 a.m. ET / 15:00 p.m. BST.


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