Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Any hope you may have been holding out for additional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter DLC will have to be laid to rest. Today’s Kazuya-themed entry of Mr. Sakurai Presents reconfirmed that there are no fighters planned after Challenger Packs 10 and 11 release. Challenger Pack 10 is set to bring Kazuya and Tekken into the fray tomorrow, while we probably won’t know who headlines Challenger Pack 11 for a while.

Sakurai originally implied that the second Fighters Pass would be the last set of character DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in his biweekly Famitsu column back in February of 2020. As such, we can’t say that this was unexpected, but there are several fanbases who have long held out hope that the Fighters Pass would eventually feature a character of their choosing, one of their own, and only one will walk away from the final Challenger Pack reveal satisfied.

It’s kind of crazy that this ride is almost over. DLC reveals for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been a ton of fun over the last few years. Even if some of the characters themselves weren’t all that interesting for everyone, I’m happy that the roster grew so much beyond what was already an incredible set of characters – and I’m happy that our lord and savior, Banjo, was able to join the fray.

Were you hoping against hope that Nintendo would decide to make a few more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters? Who do you want to see round out the biggest and best roster in fighting game history? As we approach the end of this game’s DLC support, are you satisfied with the characters we have received? Let us know it all in the comments below.

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