Super Squidlit Game Boy Color Nintendo Switch Squidlit Ink

Developer Squidlit Ink has revealed that its sequel to the Game Boy-inspired Squidlit is coming to Nintendo Switch as a one-month timed exclusive. This time, Super Squidlit is inspired by Game Boy Color and the limitations of the retro handheld. The game was initially revealed back in June, with a gameplay trailer showcasing beta footage.

However, now that a Switch version has been confirmed, we’ve got some fresh game footage. We’re absolutely loving the addition of distinct, vibrant colors that the Game Boy Color theme enables over its predecessor.  The music is hella nostalgic too, hitting all the right retro notes.

Super Squidlit adds some new gameplay features too, as expected for a sequel. Playable character Plip can now roll, enabling you to bump into enemies and bounce up walls. There are some levels that switch to playing as Skwit Skwot, and these play out from a first-person perspective. Drop-in, drop-out co-op for two players has also been enabled for the full game, which is always welcome.

The game is set to launch sometime next year, with an early 2021 release window currently planned. Super Squidlit will surely be best played on Nintendo Switch, with its strong roots in Game Boy Color platforming.


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