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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Thus, it isn’t all that surprising that it has carved out a fairly active sub-section for itself in the video game world. Super Tennis Blast is one of a growing number of games on the Switch that offer some racket-whacking action.

At its core, it’s about what you’d expect from any tennis game. Most matches are done in singles, though multiplayer does offer the chance to play in doubles. The main mechanics feature a variety of different swinging techniques which allow you to deliver the ball in different ways. Using these different techniques requires you to carefully timing your shot with a power meter. The goal is to reach 50 points in however many rounds (depends on which mode you play) to win the entire match. Of course, if you and your opponent tie at 40 points, it will go into a deuce system. Then you must score twice in succession in order to win.

Super Tennis Blast offers a career mode called World Tour where you’ll face-off against other athletes from all over the globe. This mode allows you to set the length of matches as well as the difficulty prior to setting out on your journey (you can also alter AI difficulty as you play through the mode). Each match in the tour serves as part of a tournament. The various tournaments have different requirements, all related to STB rank. This rank increases as you play and win matches. So, some tournaments will be locked away due to you not having a high enough rank. The goal is to play through each in-game week and increase your rank as high as possible before the year finishes (52 weeks in total).

Wack it around the world

One little unique mechanic that Super Tennis Blast has is player stats. You can increase/decrease different parts of your player’s abilities, just like in an RPG. You’ll earn points for these stats by winning matches. There’s also a stamina bar, which will decrease the more matches you play. If you play with an empty stamina gauge, then that increases the chances of injury. Thus, the game encourages you to refill it by allowing yourself to rest for a week, even if you could play in a tournament. Weeks can also be used for training specific techniques, which further enhances the player’s stats. Another neat little touch is the fact that you can customize your player in quite a variety of ways. It reminded me of the Mii Maker, which of course harkens back to playing Tennis in Wii Sports.

Speaking of which, I’m a bit disappointed that Super Tennis Blast doesn’t offer any motion controls. While I know some folks despise the “waggle-fest”, I personally find motion controls well suited for most sports titles. The button controls work fine, don’t get me wrong, but it would have been nice as an option.

That said, the button-only controls do manage to get the job done in Super Blast mode. This offers two special mechanics that drastically change the game: Living Net and Crazy Court. Living Net turns the net into a line of size-shifting blocks that can rise and fall in a random order every few seconds. Crazy Court shifts the shape of the court just as often. You can play matches with either one selected or both, if you’re feeling especially brave. This is only available to play in custom single-player and multiplayer matches, though, so don’t worry about it affecting your World Tour progress.

Crazy courts

As an added bonus, Super Tennis Blast also has five different minigames that you can play to flesh out the game even further. That said, they’re only available in single-player mode.

Super Tennis Blast has a pretty decent amount of content for a relatively simple game, though it can understandably feel a little repetitive after a while. If a pure tennis game is what you’re looking for, this title gets the job done well enough. While I’m not a fan of its lack of motion controls and the stiff-looking animations, it’s still a neat little sports title that I had fun playing.

Release Date: May 24, 2019
No. of Players: up to 4 players
Category: Arcade, Multiplayer, Party, Sports
Publisher: Unfinished Pixel
Developer: Unfinished Pixel

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Super Tennis Blast


Overall Score



  • Lots of different game modes
  • Various shot techniques
  • Player stats and stamina system
  • Avatar editor


  • No motion controls
  • Character animations are stiff and choppy
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