Nintendo surprised everyone last week when they revealed Superhot was coming to the Switch later that day. While some people got excited and started playing the game, others were off analyzing the details in the trailer. As it turns out, some eagle-eyed players noticed something in the European eShop trailer suggesting footage from the PC version of the game had been used.

The Superhot team did not use the PC version

At first glance, it seems a little suspicious. The footage in question shows a prompt telling the player to “press ‘R’ to restart instantly.” If you’re familiar with the game, you know this is referring to a keyboard and not the “R” button on a Switch. Just when the Superhot community thought they had made a shocking revelation, Producer Anders Hillestad came in to shut everyone down:

… we had to make a lot of last minute changes to the trailer right before the release, and in the stress of this our video editor missed that during recording this section of the trailer, the machine noticed a keyboard was plugged in and thus changed the input (like if you played it on a PC and used a connected gamepad). This trailer is absolutely recorded using our Switch edition of the game.

The trailer version above is only on the European eShop, if you check out the trailer on the American eShop or on Nintendo’s Youtube Channel you will find that the above “press R to restart” does not exist. It’s an unfortunate thing for us to have missed this error in the trailer, but it was not done on purpose or meant to deceive anyone. We’re still a indie team, and everyone else who was reviewing the trailer also missed this since and it was last minute (I was reviewing it on my phone as I was out travelling).

So as you can see, there’s nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, fans were just reading way too much into a situation again. At least Hillestad had a chance to set the record straight.


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