Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot dazzled us when it arrived on the Nintendo Switch in September of 2019, bringing one of the most iconic indie games of the decade to yet another console. The brief length of the game, though, is something that left us wanting more when we reviewed it. If you’re someone who else craves a bigger and beefier romp through this red-and-white world of chaos, then standalone follow-up Superhot: Mind Control Delete is just for you. With more missions, multiple characters, new skills, and more, this pseudo-sequel is looking to be SUPER. HOT.

Official PR had claimed the game is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime soon, but in an update, their Twitter account claims the game is not confirmed for Switch yet. Then on Reddit, they made it sound like it will come to Switch eventually, but after the Steam version is perfected. Regardless, owners of the original game can snag a free PC copy of the sequel just in time for the July 16 debut.

Anyone who has purchased a copy of the first Superhot on Nintendo Switch before July 16 can send a copy of their eShop receipt to [email protected] in order to receive a free copy of Superhot: Mind Control Delete on PC.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete has been in Steam Early Access development for a few years years, leading to an absolutely insane amount of content for fans to dig into. It’s over four times the size of the original game, with plenty more story content, challenging missions, and jaw-dropping visuals to go ga-ga over.


Miguel Moran
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