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At today’s Indie World showcase, developer Digital Continue announced SuperMash, “a game that makes games,” which will be available in May 2020. You can pick two classic genres and mash them together, like platformer and JRPG, and see what SuperMash creates for you. Every game created is unique and can generate unpredictable results. You can share the games you create with friends and share “dev cards,” whatever those are. Have a look in the embedded tweet.

This game really came out of nowhere, but what a pleasant surprise, huh? Being able to effortlessly combine different game genres like stealth, shoot ’em up, platformer, and RPG without knowing how to code sounds like a blast. And influences like Final Fantasy are highly evident on the design.

PR materials have described the game with the following:

A love letter to video game culture, SuperMash is set in a game shop owned by a brother and sister who discover a mysterious game console. Players will never know what to expect in SuperMash as the game mashes together video game genres and creates a different experience every time. SuperMash will shake things up on Nintendo Switch in May 2020.

So, yeah, not a ton of new info there aside from the fact that they really love to say the title of the game. But still, I’ll take it!

Let us know if you’re hyped for Digital Continue’s new project!

Edit: The game has actually released on Epic Games Store.


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