Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Do you have a lot of platinum My Nintendo points stocked up? Are you looking for something on which to spend them? If you answered yes to both these questions, you’re in luck. Nintendo is offering printable Fire Emblem: Three Houses case covers through their rewards program.

For a mere 50 Platinum Points, you can show your support for your favorite house. In exchange for these points, you get a PDF containing designs for each of the three factions. All you have to do is print them out, select your favorite, and swap the standard cover art for your chosen one.

In North America, the front cover for each of Three Houses’ factions showcases a full profile of its respective leader standing in front of its symbol. The rear panel features a map of the continent along with a picture of each house’s leader, so you can’t entirely escape the other two.

The European covers are significantly different, however. In addition to a slightly zoomed-in version of their profile, each case features the actual banner for the respective house in the corner. The real difference is on the rear panel though. Instead of the continent that North America gets, this version shows off the students of each house. Thus, each cover is fully representative of the chosen house.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

If you’ve been hoarding those Platinum Points as I have, now would be a great time to turn some of them in. If you’re still on the fence though, don’t worry. You have plenty of time to think about it. The printable Fire Emblem: Three Houses covers will be available to claim through February 1, 2020.

Which of the designs do you like better? I’m on the fence, though I have to give a slight edge to the European covers since they showcase the houses’ rosters. It feels complete to me that way. In any case, I’m off to buy some empty cartridge cases so that I can display each of the covers at the same time!


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