Pokémon GO May Community Day

Shiny Swablu has long been the bane of my existence in Pokémon GO. Ever since I saw that golden Altaria at the Pokémon GO Championships a few years back, I’ve been tirelessly trying to find one. Thankfully, my search is likely going to be over here in a few weeks, as May’s Community Day features the Cotton Bird Pokémon, Swablu. The event runs on Saturday, May 15th, from 11:00am through 5:00pm in your local time zone.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the Community Day event works in Pokémon GO, it’s basically a period in which the showcase Pokémon appears much more frequently, and lucky trainers can even find a few Shiny Pokémon as well. Fully evolving the featured Pokémon withing a couple of hours after the event ends will allow it to learn an event-exclusive attack as well, which can be really easy to accomplish given all the candy you’ll be getting. For Altaria, the Community Day-exclusive attack is Moonblast. However, do note that this will likely be much harder to obtain this time around, as Altaria requires a staggering 400 Swablu candy to evolve.

In addition, for $1 (or local equivalent), players can purchase a ticket to access a Special Research centered around Swablu and Altaria. The specific tasks for this Research are yet to be revealed, but they’re usually fairly easy, revolving around catching the featured Pokémon, evolving it, and transferring Pokémon. Other Community Day bonuses include one-fourth hatch distance for Eggs during the event, and an increased Incense duration.

This time, the festivities don’t end right when 5:00 rolls around. Starting immediately after Community Day in your local time zone, Mega Altaria will appear in Mega Raids, allowing you to start harnessing Mega Altaria Energy in order to Mega Evolve your newly captured friend.

These events don’t last very long, and there’s no guarantee it’ll come around again this December, so if you’re trying to track down that Shiny Altaria like I am, you won’t want to miss this Community Day!


Steven Rollins
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