Switch Dock Cover

There are numerous of Switch accessories out there. There have been third-party controllers, (controversial) docks, and even a few headsets just to name a few. Chinese manufacturer CyberGadget has created a lot of different accessories for the Switch, but its latest really takes the cake for being quite the oddball—the Protective Dock Cover.

This accessory is exactly what its name suggests: it is a polycarbonate cover for the Switch dock that is meant to protect it from getting damaged. It’s also totally transparent, just to make sure you can still marvel at your Switch dock, in all of its protected beauty. Here’s the big question…who asked for this? No, seriously—who sat down in an R&D meeting and said: “You know, it would be nice if we could make sure the dock of the Switch could be protected.” Whoever did, allow me to ask my own question—Why?

Cyber Gadget’s dock cover is set to release on May 31, 2020. If you’re interested for…some reason…there isn’t any pricing information for it. I hope it costs the equivalent of $5, because I fail to see how it would be worth much more than that. And if it is any more than that—please do not buy it. I don’t think Cyber Gadget needs encouragement to create more zany accessories.

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A.K Rahming
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