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Following official confirmation that the Nintendo Switch would release in Brazil “soon,” Nintendo has now unveiled that the Switch eShop will open up in Brazil on December 7. In the past, users already had to create Brazilian accounts to use Nintendo’s website and purchase a limited selection of games, but now, those users will be able to use those accounts to access the Switch eShop. Additionally, an upcoming update will provide users with the option to view the shop in Portuguese.

Previously, obscenely high import taxes on electronics provided a large barrier for video game manufacturers trying to sell in Brazil. Those taxes were relaxed last year, which makes moves like this possible. With the Switch eShop opening up in Brazil, it seems that Nintendo is taking full advantage of this newly accessible market, which I’m sure will make Brazilian consumers happy.

We still don’t have a clear picture of what the Switch’s rollout in Brazil will look like, but with things like the Switch eShop creeping up, it looks like the official release is getting closer and closer. Pretty soon, we should know a release date, price, and more. I’m sure that plenty of would-be Brazilian gamers are counting down the days with loads and loads of excitement.


Andrew Rockett
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