The Nintendo Switch receives tons of new eShop titles every week. Unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t worth your time or money. Today, I wanted to highlight some stellar Switch games that recently released on the eShop. Let’s jump in!

Gaucamelee! ($14.99)

Drinkbox Studios is a renown indie developer that brought us indie darlings like the touchscreen slasher Severed and the zany platformer Mutant Blobs Attack. However, it was the original Gaucamelee! that really put the studio on the map. Gamers everywhere fell in love with its blend of wrestling-based melee, precise platforming, and wacky humor. If you love Guacamelee! or have always been interested in playing it, then you’re in luck. Guacamelee! Super Tubo Championship Edition recently hit the Nintendo Switch eShop and it feels right at home on the platform.

Rewinding back to 2013: Guacamelee! had me hooked from the second I started playing. The comedy in the game is genius-level and the platforming is damn near perfect. It’s the definition of what a great Metroidvania/platformer is. Fast forward to 2018 and Guacamelee!easily sits among some of the best offerings on Nintendo Switch.

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Battery Jam for Nintendo Switch review

Battery Jam ($14.99)

Despite what the title may suggest, Battery Jam has more to do with jam than batteries. And no, I’m not talking about your Thanksgiving leftovers. This is a multiplayer jamboree (see?) that works so well on Nintendo Switch. The idea behind Battery Jam is simple enough. You have a time limit to turn more tiles into your color than your opponents. Whoever owns the most tiles wins.

On paper, that sounds easy enough. However, it’s the variety of ways you can attain victory that makes this more complicated. For example, gray floor tiles can be run over to turn your color. An opponent can sink the block, turning it into lava, and dash over it to convert, though. This tactic can also be used to sink an opponent converting the surrounding tiles. Same goes for if you raise a tile, which effectively propels a character off of the stage. That includes you if you’re not careful enough!

Not too many games these days can boast having a fun couch multiplayer experience like this. Even if you don’t have three friends, bots can be set with 5 different levels of difficulty to choose from. Otherwise, jam out with your friends and play this.

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Collidalot Switch

Collidalot ($12.50)

Collidalot is an extreme combination of rail-grinding and bumper cars. This over-the-top, top-down (over-the-top-down?) multiplayer game has you steer around a packed track and slam other players into the sky. A combination of painting mechanics, boosts, and some special attacks invite a wide range of strategies for combat and traversal. Through everything, though, you maintain a simple objective–ram into everyone else and launch ’em off the screen, Smash Bros. style. While there are a couple different modes, eighteen maps, and customization options available, there really is not much more than that to Collidalot. The end result, however, is a stylish, colorful, and decidedly unique multiplayer destruction derby.

Collidalot is fast, easy to pick up, and hard to put down. The Switch’s local multiplayer catalog is growing rapidly, but Collidalot’s take on bumper-cars-in-the-sky sticks out. Collidalot is cemented as a great complement for games like Towerfall, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Grunka Munka has done a great job here, creating another unique, memorable Switch multiplayer title.

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Battlezone Gold Edition ($34.99)

Battlezone Gold Edition is based on the 1980s arcade game, Battlezone. Gameplay is simple, yet addictive. Players find themselves on a grid, similar to in a board game. Each space has a different purpose. Some feature supply drops, some are battles, and others are event spaces. Those feel like choose-your-own-adventure books that were popular in the ’90s. Every area on the grid feels fresh and unpredictable, which could be attributed to the procedurally generated nature of Battlezone.

Battlezone was considered revolutionary when it hit arcades in 1980. Thirty-eight years later and the newest version is a wonderful addition to the Switch library. Rebellion’s take on the franchise is not without its faults, but the overall experience is enjoyable. Despite the difficulty, the customization, intense action, and infinite replayability make Battlezone Gold Edition worth getting.

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Road Redemption ($19.99)

There were a number of games during the 16 and 32-bit eras that were viewed by parents and politicians as excessively violent. One of the most notable and notorious of these was the original Mortal Kombat. Others included games like Primal Rage, and of course, Road RashRoad Redemption is clearly inspired by Road Rash, and it manages to take most of the mechanics of that classic and update them in satisfying ways.

Instead of taking Road Rash and attempting to reinvent the wheel, Road Redemption took the things that made it entertaining and refined those mechanics. The bike combat is excellent, and the aesthetic very much mimics the series of games that have come before it. I haven’t had this much fun with an arcade racer, let alone one that incorporated vehicular combat, in a long time.

In Road Redemption, you’ll find plenty levels of challenging combat and races. The upgrade system is forgiving enough to bring you back into the game for multiple playthroughs. It’s a shame that there isn’t an online community for matches as this would have carried the experience that much farther. But as it stands, there’s enough here to warrant a purchase if you’re looking for an ass-kicking good time on the couch.

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Writing contributions by David Giltinan, Andrew Rockett, Andrew Gonzalez, and Greg Bargas

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