Switch Lite drift

Well, that didn’t take long. Seven hours ago, a Redditor who goes by TorteDeLini (nice name, by the way) posted a video of a drifting Switch Lite on r/Games. The short video, which you can see below, shows the right analog stick on a new Switch Lite drifting on its own, presumably ruining an otherwise enjoyable session of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Check it out for yourself.

Joy-Con drift has been a massive pain in the butt since the Switch came out in 2017. A likely design flaw in the Joy-Con design itself, scores of users have had problems with their controllers drifting out of, well, control. I personally have had drift problems in four of my six Joy-Con, with one being almost totally unusable. Some users have been able to fix the Joy-Con themselves, while others have taken advantage of free out-of-warranty repairs from Nintendo of America customer service.

Several Nintendo fans are reasonably apprehensive towards the Switch Lite because of past drift issues. Drift becomes significantly more annoying when the controller cannot be easily detached and worked on separately from the rest of the system. This early on, there is no way of knowing if this recent report is indicative of a greater problem or just of a seriously unlucky player, but if you are nervous, it may be wise to wait and see for just a bit longer before grabbing a Switch Lite.

Andrew Rockett
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