Nintendo Switch OLED model costs $10 more per Bloomberg estimates report cost of $349.99 compared to base model $299.99

Sure, it’s no Switch Pro, but the Switch OLED will hit store shelves with a snazzy white Joy-Con, a better kickstand, and a crisp OLED screen later this year. Many fans were rightfully disappointed to see Nintendo put so little oomph into a hardware revision of the Switch, especially considering how far behind the system lags behind its competitors in terms of raw power. However, many others are excited to experience Switch games with a more vibrant screen and a slightly sleeker system. Where do you stand? Are you grabbing a Switch OLED?

Personally, I see no use for the thing and will not be getting one. My launch window Switch works perfectly well, and there are too many other cool gaming devices I’d rather have, like a PS5, a Series X, or a Steam Deck. I don’t have the interest or cash to grab a Switch OLED right now. If the device upgraded the guts of the Switch to run stuff a bit smoother, I’d be more interested, but this current revision just does not make the cut for me.

Are you grabbing a Switch OLED this year? Does the hardware revision excite you at all? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Andrew Rockett
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