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Welcome to the newly-revived Switch On Podcast! As you may know, Nintendo Enthusiast recently merged with a sister site, Gamnesia. Our combined forces allow us to pump out more news and unique content than ever before! One of Gamnesia’s regular features was a weekly podcast. We aired Nintendo Week for more than two years, then later we re-branded as Switched On. Now that we’re all settled in from the merger, we’re reviving the latter (shortened to Switch On) at Nintendo Enthusiast! For our debut episode we’re diving into Nintendo’s showing at E3 2019.

Switch On Podcast: E3 2019

Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct featured plenty of exciting trailers and announcements. We got a good look at Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and many more. There were surprise reveals like No More Heroes III and The Witcher 3. There were even dream-come-true moments, like Banjo and Kazooie coming to Smash. Then Nintendo capped it all off by revealing that Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel. We break down all the most exciting moments in the first half of the show and discuss whether or not it was the best Direct yet!

Nintendo Enthusiast sent nine people to E3 2019 this year, so we got lots of hands-on time with the games. In the latter half of the show, Ben, Aric, and Greg share their impressions from the E3 show floor. We went hands-on with everything from big Nintendo exclusives to obscure indies. Tune in to see which games impressed the Switch On crew the most!

In addition to the YouTube format above, you can listen to the Switch On Podcast on SoundCloud. Check out the E3 2019 episode by clicking right here.

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