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Switch Pro rumors have been circulating for a long time, so it’s hardly any surprise that a more powerful model of Nintendo’s smash hit hybrid system is rumored for release next year. Upgraded consoles are in style nowadays ever since the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro released in the middle of the current console generation, and the system’s potential third-party support could likely benefit from a more powerful system entering the market. As such, it wouldn’t be outlandish for one of these Switch Pro rumors to eventually get it right. Say that this one does – what would a Switch Pro have to change for you to pick one up next year?

I’d strongly consider picking up a Switch Pro if it came with games that took advantage of it. Improved load times and battery life on the existing library would be nice, but some high profile third-party ports like Grand Theft Auto V would go a long way in convincing me to upgrade my system.

What would a Switch Pro have to do for you to pick one up? Would increased performance alone convince you, or would you want to see a few games exclusive to the upgraded platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
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