next new Nintendo console revealed for 20XX Switch system update

The most recent firmware update for the Switch is available now, updating the system to version 13.2.0. The update appears to be completely insubstantial from a features standpoint. In fact, the one-sentence patch note merely indicates that we got the usual: system stability improvements. The patch note reads as follows: “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” No elaboration was provided.

Of course, I doubt that anyone expected anything big from this stop-gap system update. After all, we received a fairly substantial update just last month that added the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack tier to the console’s online service, bringing Nintendo 64 and Genesis titles to the platform.

This system update is understandably less substantial, but sooner or later I would love to see some basic additions to the Switch OS and user interface. Folders, darn it. I want folders.

The 13.2.0 update will most likely download on its own eventually, but if you are having any trouble getting the update to work, you can activate the installation yourself. You can do that by grabbing your Switch, accessing the system settings, selecting “System,” and then pressing “System Update.”

How excited are you for some more system stability? It’s the best feeling in the world, right? Let us know in the comments below.


Andrew Rockett
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