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To celebrate the upcoming release of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s second expansion, The Crown Tundra, fierce Tetris battlers can return to the world of Galar this weekend. From 3:00am Eastern on Friday, October 16 through 2:59am on Monday, October 20, Tetris 99 is set to host its 17th Maximus Cup, in which players can compete to unlock a special Sword and Shield theme to use in-game. This theme includes background art, music, and themed gamed pieces. The upcoming event marks the second time this theme has been available as an event reward, as it was previously offered last November right before Sword and Shield‘s base release.

As with prior Maximus Cups, in order to participate, all you need to do is play the standard online mode during the event period. Once you finish a match, you’ll be awarded a number of points based on your ranking, with more points coming for higher ranks. To unlock the theme, you normally need a total of 100 points, but since this is the second time the theme is being offered, the threshold has been lowered to 50 points, making it much easier to obtain. For those that already have this theme, you won’t unlock anything else by competing in this event, but if you want to participate anyway, nothing’s stopping you.

If you haven’t received this theme in Tetris 99 yet, make sure to do so now, as it might be your last chance!

[Source: PR]

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