Rhythm games aren’t new, but I’m a fan of fresh entries into the genre. That’s exactly what Tadpole Treble is—another rhythm game. While there are already quite a number of popular titles in the genre, I can’t help but welcome Tadpole Treble with open arms.

As the name suggests, Tadpole Treble is all about a little tadpole. The game starts you off inn Adventure Mode where you must guide the game’s titular hero Baton through a hair-raising journey, as she finds her way back home after  getting separated from her family shortly after birth. Your goal is to guide Baton through 13 rhythm-based levels, where you will have to avoid a seemingly endless amount of obstacles and hazards all to the beat of the (amazing) music.

Being a rhythm game, your reflexes are the key to success. Tadpole Treble is the pure definition of a “twitch game”; movements need to be made in a literal flash. Baton has a health bar which can be refilled, but many times I found myself having to restart a level. The game is definitely challenging, but that’s what makes it so much fun. At the end of every level, you receive a rank (grade) depending on how many Bubbles you collect and your overall score. This adds to the game longevity, as completionists will no doubt try their best to nail every level 100%. As challenging as they are, the levels really are fun. There’s so many things going on at once, it’s hard to keep track of it all, but that adds to the experience.

Seeing that music plays such a core role in this game, how good is it? In a word — amazing.

TPT Gameplay 2Fun levels and amazing music are what defines this game. 

From the very first level I was entranced. All of the tracks are original compositions and are unique to each level. There isn’t a single song that I disliked, they literally all sounded great. Some tracks even feature vocals, which pretty much boosts the quality 100x. Many videogame soundtracks deserve to be released as an official album, but this is definitely one I need in my life. I just can’t get over how great it is! Each track sounds distinct, but they all give off the same blood-pumping, feel-good vibe. The vocal tracks are incredibly catchy and can easily get stuck in your head (Thunder Creek, I’m looking at you). The music style reminded me a lot about Rayman OriginsLegends. Those games soundtracks are universally considered to be great, so it’s definitely a compliment to call Tadpole Treble’s music similar.

Aside from the difficult, yet addictive gameplay and outstanding soundtrack, the game also features beautiful visuals. The animation-like graphic style adds to the game’s already high level of charm, and it fits the music perfectly. It’s definitely not the most complex looking game, but its simplicity is made up for with a great hue of color and smooth, cartoon-like animation.

Indeed, Tadpole Treble is bursting at the seams with charm. As mentioned before, the rhythm genre is nothing new, but this game is a very welcome addition. It’s original and exciting, and I loved every moment of the adventure mode. Considering the fact that there’s a great deal of unlockable content, as well as a mode for players to go ahead and create their own levels, the game definitely has the ability to keep you entertained for a good number of hours. I cannot stress enough how good the soundtrack is, in addition to the beautiful visuals and addictive gameplay. Tadpole Treble isn’t the most complex eShop game, but it deserves to be one of the most popular. Hats off to BitFinity. Seeing that it costs a mere $10, seriously, buy the game.

TPT Gameplay 1Who knew a tadpole was capable of having such an awesome adventure?


Tadpole Treble



A.K Rahming
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