Tag Heuer Super Mario smartwatch Nintendo

Nintendo teased last week that a collaboration with Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer was in the works, and now the Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition smartwatch has been revealed, launching July 15, 2021 for $2,150. Only 2,000 will be made, hence the “limited” part, and it will include Wear OS, Google’s OS for wearable products (though which version it uses is uncertain). The Tag Heuer Super Mario watch features a variety of animations and different watch faces, but to maintain the spirit of Mario, it also has built-in functionality to encourage movement via gamification.

Basically, different animations will play on your watch as you reach 25%, 50%, 75,% and 100% of your step goal for the day. As you can view in the video below, you can expect to see the iconic Super Mushroom, Super Star, goal pole, and warp pipe. Other Mario flourishes appear on and within the watch, such as the timekeeping dial using “retro elements from the 1985 version of Super Mario Bros. with Mario, all in pixels.” Apparently there are also two interchangeable straps, a black leather band on red rubber or a “sporty alternative” using red perforated rubber.

The Tag Heuer Super Mario watch also comes in a vivid red case, which is the least they can do for $2,150. The watch is water-resistant up to 5 ATM and has a 430 mAh battery that is supposed to last through the day. Meanwhile, the presence of Wear OS means it can access Google Assistant and related functions, along with Google’s specialized fitness apps. So if money is no object to you and you really love Mario, maybe this is the watch for you when it goes on sale in a couple days. At the least, this certainly isn’t the most unusual Nintendo collaboration of the past week.

Tag Heuer Super Mario smartwatch Nintendo Tag Heuer Super Mario smartwatch Nintendo


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