Tales of series surpasses 25 million copies sold worldwide

Bandai Namco has announced that the Tales of series has reached a new milestone of 25 million copies sold worldwide. The news comes following the announcement of its latest Mothership title Tales of Arise reaching 1 million units sold to make it the fastest-selling Tales of game to date.

Here’s the 25 million milestone announcement from the official Tales of series Twitter:

The official Japanese Twitter account shared a few more sales tidbits:

Arise is the fastest-selling title in series history to surpass 1 million.”

Berseria surpasses 2 million.”

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition surpasses 1.5 million for a total of 2.88 million combined with the Xbox and PS3 versions.”

The last time we heard about Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition sales, it was at 1 million copies sold in February. Tales of Vesperia and the remaster were at a combined total of 2.37 million units sold in March to make it the second most popular title in the series, just shy of the #1 Tales of Symphonia, which was at 2.4 million units at the time. With the recent boost of 500,000 units sold since then, we can comfortably say that Tales of Vesperia is now the best-selling Tales of game to date.

The Tales of series started with Tales of Phantasia for the Super Famicom in December 1995.


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