The joy that comes from mastering courses may yet be enough

Remember all that time spend getting three stars on all the tracks in 50CC, 100CC, 150CC, and Mirror in Mario Kart 7 all so you could be rewarded with 3-star emblem next to your name when you played online? Well, in Mario Kart 8, bragging rights is no longer an incentive as that reward has been removed. Instead, the only incentive for completion is being rewarded with a gold standard cart for achieving at least 1-star on all tracks. Unrelated to completion, players can still earn a Wii Wheel badge next to their name when playing online to show that they were using motion controls during that match. Not many were seen with that badge in Mario Kart 7 as it was completely impractical to use motion controls with the Nintendo 3DS, but that has never been the case with home console Mario Kart since the Wii edition.

While it’s definitely nice to have incentive for completion, we know them as achievements, perhaps this shouldn\’t be a real issue for anyone. Perhaps the reward in getting 100% completion in Grand Prix mode is ability to develop a racing strategy and master all the tracks and unlock items along the way. Perhaps the bragging rights are in being able to say that you got as good as you are even without incentive.

That’s your feel good story for today ;).


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