Tantei Bokumetsu by NIS for Nintendo Switch like Danganronpa death game

The trend of “death games” like Danganronpa isn’t slowing down in Japan as Nippon Ichi Software announced a new one called Tantei Bokumetsu coming to Switch. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has more details on the game, including its Japanese release date of May 27,  2021.

Tantei Bokumetsu translates to “Detective Extermination,” and the game is true to its name. The setting is a remote island that has 14 detectives gathered to investigate a certain murderer. And if you guessed that one of the 14 detectives is the murderer, you’re probably a detective yourself. Like the “Ultimate” titles of characters from the Danganronpa games, the detectives have unique titles of their own:

  • Incompetent Detective
  • Gourmet Detective
  • Corporate Slave Detective
  • Ideal Detective
  • Suffering Detective
  • Literary Detective
  • Gedo Detective
  • Science Detective
  • Shibuya Detective
  • Aristocrat Detective
  • Armed Detective
  • Yamato Detective
  • Netherworld Detective
  • Sage Detective

The gameplay revolves around two main parts. The adventure part includes conversational progress in visual novel fashion. Meanwhile, the investigation simulation part will have you investigate on maps. Nippon Ichi Software will give us a better idea of how Tantei Bokumetsu plays in a later report.

Key staff includes Munenori Hirose, who previously worked as the main programmer for Hakoniwa Company Works, as the director. Kento Jobana, who wrote Bokuhime Project, will handle the planning and scenario. We’ve yet to see any of the detectives, but the game features characters designed by Mio Katsumata.

Tantei Bokumetsu launches for Switch in Japan on May 27,  2021.



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