Tattoo Punk Nintendo Switch PC Cyber Rain Games, No Gravity Games, and VARSAV Game Studios

It’s Mother’s Day, but if you don’t want to pull the trigger on getting a “MOM” tattoo, maybe you can wishlist Tattoo Punk from developer Cyber Rain Games and publishers No Gravity Games and VARSAV Game Studios instead. Tattoo Punk is a cyberpunk tattoo artist experience headed to Nintendo Switch and PC, and its release date will be announced “soon.” Other platforms are still being considered, and the game will support English and Polish languages at launch.

The premise is that it is the year 2100, and Henry is living in “the latest stage of capitalism” where corporations are ruining everything and body modification is all the rage for some reason. Henry’s wife died, and he is tattooing to pay the bills and keep his son fed. So in Tattoo Punk, you will customize your studio, design various cool tattoos, haggle over prices, build loyal clinetele, and even take charge of advertising your parlor. This is very much a simulator game, albeit with a futuristic slant, much like SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator.

If for some reason you played Cyberpunk 2077 and your favorite aspect was the character design, then Tattoo Punk might be up your alley when it launches on Switch and PC presumably later this year.

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