Team GO Rocket returns

Two days ago, Pokémon GO finally added their version of Team Rocket to the game. Additionally, Shadow Pokémon entered the game after a long absence from Pokémon media. Sadly, their introduction was wrought with crashes, glitches, and general nonsense. Many players didn’t even see hide-nor-hair of Team GO Rocket or their Shadow Pokémon. And then, one day later, they vanished. Niantic pulled the update after a single day due to the glitches, with no word as to when it’d return.

Turns out, it returned today. After a rocky start, the Team GO Rocket update seems to be ready for everyone to enjoy. The update’s features have largely stayed the same: Team GO Rocket can be found at discolored Poké Stops and they have Shadow Pokémon that need to be snagged. After snagging, the Pokémon have lower stats, an evil aura, and the move Frustration. Once purified, the Pokémon will regain its normal stats and it will replace Frustration with the much better move Return.

The only difference between this version of the update and the older version is that the discolored Poké Stops are much more plentiful. That, and the game won’t freeze when players attempt to capture the Shadow Pokémon. …Hopefully.

They’re in our world now…

A new trailer also released to coincide with Team GO Rocket’s reintroduction. The ominous trailer warns trainers that Team GO Rocket has invaded Pokémon GO. At the end, a message seems to indicate that they are being run by an extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional force. That should prove a very interesting twist for the two dozen or so players that follow the plot of Pokémon GO. I’m sure you’re out there.

Pokémon GO is one of the most popular apps on the market and has made almost three billion dollars since its launch. While the hype is a lot lower than it was in its first year, Pokémon GO continues to be a powerhouse for Niantic and The Pokémon Company. It’s unlikely that the Team GO Rocket update will draw too many older players back into the game, but it’s an interesting feature that will surely keep those trainers still playing the game entertained.


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