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The wait is almost over. After missing its initial Winter 2018 launch, SEGA and Sumo Digital’s Team Sonic Racing will finally be available next week for kart-racing enthusiasts and fans of the Blue Blur. The delay appears to have been worth it, as commendable reviews are rolling in following the embargo’s lifting earlier today. While some reviews were glowing, others point out some noticeable speed-bumps from their experiences.

Critics praised Team Sonic Racing for its unique and fun team-oriented mechanics, smooth controls, excellent soundtrack, and gorgeous visual presentation. All this with a low price tag made it easy for several reviewers to recommend for those looking for their next Sonic the Hedgehog fix, as well as those looking to expand their racing horizons beyond Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

However, the game heaped as much praise as it did mixed scores. Those who enjoyed Sumo’s seven-year-old Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed could not help comparing Team Sonic Racing to its laudable predecessor. Many of these felt the lack of transforming vehicles and the Sonic-only cast made it feel a little uninspired. Others pointed out technical performance issues surfacing during local multiplayer and game content weighing on the light side.


Overall reception for the PlayStation 4 version of Team Sonic Racing points to a respectable 73% on Metacritic. As for the Switch, however, SEGA is reportedly not distributing review copies for this version to critics. As such, Switch reviews won’t hit the web until after the game launches on Tuesday.

The review scores

Check out some of these impressions for yourself by combing our roundup:

Team Sonic Racing is available Tuesday, May 21 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC.

Are you picking up the game next week? Let us know what you think of Team Sonic Racing, and be sure to check out the launch trailer fresh out of the garage by SEGA:

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