You can’t have a Pokémon game without rivals and villains to test your mettle against. For Pokémon Sword and Shield, we were already introduced to Hop, the Galar region Champion’s eager little brother. However, Hop is but one of three rivals you will encounter on your new journey later this year. In today’s new trailer, The Pokémon Company introduced two new rivals as well as the Galar region’s resident bad guys, known as Team Yell.

Bold and brash

Endorsed by the Galar Pokémon League Chairman Rose, rival Bede comes to ruin your day. Aspiring to become the new Champion, he has the talent and pride to back up his words. Little is known about this pompous new face, but the official website hints that Bede may have ulterior motives.

Next up, we have the punk rival Marnie. With her partner Pokémon Morpeko at her side, she has her own goals to accomplish on the way to becoming Champion. Her fashion sense and ability to keep cool in battle has earned her some very… dedicated… followers.

Enter Team Yell. Marnie somehow garnered a troublesome fanbase, as Team Yell will do whatever it takes to help her become Champion. Be it blocking transportation, heckling her opponents in battle, or taking up entire hotel lobbies, there is almost no low Team Yell won’t stoop to, if not for Marnie coming in to reign them in at times.

In the past, we encountered gangs, eco-terrorists, and aid relief groups that were more sinister behind the scenes. This time around, I must say it’s pretty comical to see a group of baddies bent on backing up a Champion-to-be, though I do wonder how things will escalate the closer we get towards the Championship. Are you looking forward to throwing down with Team Yell? Let us know in the comments.

Jeffrey McDonell
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