Tempest Trials+ Summoning Focus Fire Emblem Heroes

The addictive mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes has received a new Tempest Trials+ Summoning Focus. To coincide with the new summons, a related Tempest Trials+ event has been confirmed for November 5. The Tempest Trials+ Summoning Focus in Fire Emblem Heroes will include Corrin: Fateful Princess, Elise: Budding Flower, and Shinon: Scathing Archer as five-star summons. Just like with previous events, your first summon will be free and won’t cost any orbs. This particular summon will be available for 12 days, coming to an end on November 15, 2021, so make sure to try your luck at getting the new five-star characters.

The Tempest Trials+ event is called Ice & Flame 5 and will kick off on Friday, November 5. Players will be able to unlock various rewards such as 4-star or 5-star Sharmir: Lone-Moon Ninja and two Sacred Seals. Furthermore, bonus allies in said event will receive increased HP and stats, in addition to earning double the experience and SP. Then finally, the latest Voting Gauntlet, Trick or Breath, has entered the final round. Trick or Breath was the game’s Halloween-themed event and featured characters with cosmetics representing the specific holiday. The final round is between Ena and Sothis, so expect to see the results on November 5.

The Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trials+ Summoning Event is now available, with the in-game event kicking off on Friday. Do you still play Fire Emblem Heroes? Rumor has it that a remake of a past game in the franchise is in development for Nintendo Switch at Intelligent Systems.


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