CHUDCHUD Industries have announced a new game in development for the Wii U eShop by the name of Temple of Yog. The developers promise to \”highlight the uniqueness of the Wii U and what is possible with the second-screen gaming experience\” when the game launches in 2015. Find out what the developer had to say in right here in our very own forums – with exclusive first look at the game in action.

The player sends Tributes into the Temple to their inevitable demise. The roguelike staple of permadeath has meaning in this context. The player selects a Tribute of random class and stats that will always ascend to the Temple Zenith and return a lifeless body. Where this game breaks permadeath tradition is in the Village’s progress based on that Tribute’s death. As more sacrifices are made, more advancements to the Village occur, transforming it from a primitive backwater town to a futuristic acropolis. 

The Temple is a human meat-grinder of progress and this game explores what it means to be complicit in that process.  TEMPLE OF YOG also employs the roguelike standard of procedural content generation and applies it to an experience possible only on the unique hardware of the Wii U console. The Temple interior shifts and changes from floor to floor. Strange geometries transport Tributes to impossible realms. The player is immersed in two worlds, one of Light on the TV, and one of Shadow on the GamePad. Tributes swap between these worlds where rooms, puzzles, and creatures manifest themselves differently: a butterfly in Light might be a hellbeast in Shadow, a wall in Light might be a door in Shadow. The player will have to use this unique gameplay to overcome challenges to offer up a worthy sacrifice.  The interplay between TV and GamePad and the procedural generation of those worlds highlight the uniqueness of the Wii U and what is possible with a second-screen gaming experience.

Check out the debut screens below, and don\’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below!


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