With PC early access only a few days away, Humble Bundle has released an informative new trailer for their hotly anticipated create collecting MMO, Temtem. The trailer shows off game systems for battles, breeding, and the end game potential. At less than ninety seconds long, the video is quite quick to take in, so give it a look for yourself below.

The trailer highlights the two on two battle system and its strategic depth, accentuated through combos and move synergies that must be planned out in advance. It also looks at breeding, which some creatures are exclusively acquired through. Temtem‘s breeding system allows players to pass down specific moves and attributes to craft the exact monster they want.

Borrowing liberally from Pokémon‘s conventions (it even has three individual starters), the game also has its own take on shinies called Lumas. Luma Temtem have a distinctive shimmer, are marked with a star next to their name, and are more powerful than their dull, peasant brethren.

Finally, Humble promised updates to the end game area in the future, but confirmed that it would receive weekly updates featuring new monsters that benefit from an increased Luma rate.

While Temtem will not be on Switch for a while, it enters early access on PC on January 21. Will you be giving it a shot? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Rockett
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