Teppen, the Capcom GungHo card battler, is live and mobile-only for now

TEPPEN has been making waves in the mobile gaming sphere. From Mega Man to Darkstalkers, there is a vast swath of Capcom IP present. Since releases in these franchises have been spotty, fans of Capcom’s various series have been desperate for any representation. As such, TEPPEN has found itself to be popular among core gamers and casual players alike. It helps as well that the base game GungHo has built is great too.

While it’s exclusive to phones for now, some have hoped for news that this massive Capcom crossover will come to consoles. One could assume that the portable aspects and touchscreen of the Nintendo Switch would make the console a perfect home for the game. I talked to the CEO of GungHo, Kazuki Morishita, about this possibility at PAX West.

What if we ask nicely?

Numerous Capcom franchises are represented. From Devil May Cry, Mega Man, and Monster Hunter.

When asked about a Switch port, Morishita stated the following:

It’s possible that we could find a way for TEPPEN to work on PC and consoles. However, the design of the game is dependent on smartphones not just in the fact that it’s a portable device with a touchscreen. Smartphones are devices which are always online and a device that almost everyone has. That’s a vast install-base, and for a new IP centered around the enjoyment of PvP, it’s where we want to prioritize. If people press more for TEPPEN to come to consoles and PC, we might explore the options available.

Morishita and the development team’s thought process behind this makes sense. In my experience with the card-battler, enjoyment comes greatly from its PvP aspects. And as Morishita pointed out, with an always-online device like a smartphone, players can match with others at any time.

TEPPEN will certainly benefit more from the development team focusing on what’s currently there on mobile platforms. Yet, it would still be an undeniably great addition to the Switch’s library if the team finds a way to make it happen.

GungHo is still supporting the Switch in many ways

The active card-battle system of Teppen is best suited to touchscreen interfaces.

I also talked with Morishita about GungHo’s experience with Nintendo as a whole. The company has released a couple successful Puzzle & Dragons titles on Nintendo platforms with Puzzle & Dragons GOLD on the way, and they expressed that Nintendo has been very supportive of their endeavors.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo were to approach them to explore possibilities with TEPPEN. Yet, it seems this relies entirely on how vocal fans are about a possible Switch version. Of course, GungHo is still supporting the Switch with other games like Grandia HD Collection, Ninjala, and Volta-X (which we’re very excited for).

Would you be interested in TEPPEN on the Nintendo Switch? Or if you’ve played the game already on smartphones, do you think the development team should focus primarily on its current iteration? Let us know in the comments!

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