Teppen, the Capcom GungHo card battler, is live and mobile-only for now

We were one of the only outlets to report last month on the secret existence of “Project Battle,” a Capcom card battler that brings together characters from across their myriad franchises. Now, we know the game’s final name is Teppen, and it is being developed by Capcom and GungHo for Android and iOS mobile devices. It officially launched on July 4. They have no announcements to make about bringing the game to other platforms right now. (I asked GungHo PR!)

That’s a bummer, but if the game does ever come to consoles, Switch feels like the safest bet. Switch is portable and bridges the gap between casual and hardcore audiences, both of whom Teppen seems to cater to.

In any case, the Capcom card battler is framed in five-minute rounds, simulating the high-speed combat of fighting games. GungHo describes Teppen like this:

Whether the player’s preference is Giga Attacks or Million Stabs, TEPPEN’s diverse roster of notable playable heroes includes names from Street Fighter™, Monster Hunter™, Devil May Cry™, Mega Man™, Darkstalkers™, and Resident Evil™ to battle for the title of champion. The teaser showcased at Anime Expo highlights the main starting eight, featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, Rathalos, Nergigante, Dante, X (Mega Man), Morrigan Aensland, and Albert Wesker. It’s every Capcom superfan’s dream!

More characters will of course come later. Let us know if you’re excited to get started playing Teppen, even if you can’t play it on Nintendo Switch. Personally, I almost never play mobile, but I might give this a try!


John Friscia
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