Terraria Journey's End Switch

The Switch will receive the massive Journey’s End update for Terraria next year. The update will be available to players on January 4, bringing loads of new content such as new boss fights, new modes, fresh enemies, and some QOL adjustments.

The new modes appearing in Journey’s End include Master Mode and Journey Mode. Master Mode is pretty much what it sounds like – enemy difficulty is amplified substantially, and boss fights carry unique rewards. Journey Mode, meanwhile, is for players in search of a more laid-back experience. In Journey Mode, you can duplicate items, control the weather, tinker with spawn rates, and more.

Switch owners diving into Terraria Journey’s End will also get to test their skills against two new bosses: the Empress of Light and Queen Slime. In addition, players can look forward to a new bestiary, some new weather events and biomes, and even a few new tunes for the soundtrack. Finally, a handful of helpful quality of life updates will make the game a bit nicer to play. Changes include Block Swap, which makes building easier, Void Vaults to help manage inventory, and some graphical overhauls that affect boss health bars, the UI, and more.

Are you interested in checking out the Journey’s End update to Terraria on Switch? Let us know which changes sound the most exciting in the comment section below.



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