Terry Smash Ultimate

If you’ve been keeping up with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumors, a recent leak from Nintendo UK indicated that SNK Corporation has a copyright on Character Pack 4. This led to speculation that the next fighter could be a character such as Mai Shiranui or Terry Bogard. That speculation turned out to be accurate, as Nintendo unveiled a few moments ago that Fatal Fury‘s Terry Bogard is the next fighter coming to Smash!

Though we don’t know an official date yet, Terry is currently scheduled to drop this November. Hopefully, this window will remain viable, but since he’s still in development, it’s always possible we could see a delay. If you have the DLC Fighters Pack, you’ll be able to get Terry for free, but if not, he can be purchased separately for $5.99. As always, Terry will come with an additional stage, plus some music tracks.

Unfortunately, Terry isn’t quite far enough along in development that Nintendo was ready to reveal in-game footage. However, they did treat us to a little sneak peek during the post-Direct Smash showcase, revealing a tiny bit of a King of Fighters stage. Be sure to check out Terry’s reveal trailer above though, as it may be my favorite one yet!

Steven Rollins
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