Terry glitch freeze Ice Climbers glitch

Terry Bogard made his debut as the fourth Fighters Pass character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a little over a week ago, and the Terry freeze glitch followed right on his heels. Prudent players discovered the particularly chilling glitch almost immediately. With the right level of damage, Terry’s Buster Wolf attack froze him and an Ice Climber in place upon collision with their Squall Hammer move. Luckily, a recent upgrade to version 6.1.0 has reinstated the legitimacy of Ice Climbers v. Terry Bogard matchups. That dastardly Terry freeze glitch is no more!

The patch details do not reference any other changes beyond this correction. Nintendo apparently just wanted to push out an update as quickly as possible in order to do away with the Terry freeze glitch.

A minor hiccup in an excellent character’s surprise launch, the Terry freeze glitch will not be missed, beyond for the simple novelty of breaking a game. Now, you can enjoy your new fighter in peace. And Terry–next time, leave the freezing to the Ice Climbers!

What do you think of Terry Bogard so far? Are you satisfied with his conclusion? Were you hoping for a different franchise to pop up in the fourth Fighters Pass slot? How do you feel about his playstyle? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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