Terry glitch freeze Ice Climbers glitch

Well, that was fast. Terry has barely been playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a couple days and we already have a glitch. In this case, he manages to freeze the masters of the snow-capped peaks themselves, the Ice Climbers. That’s supposed to be their thing, dude!

As you can see in the video above, the glitch is simple in its execution. The Ice Climbers need to get Terry above 100%, allowing him to perform his Super Special Moves. Then, while the Ice Climbers are in the air and performing their Squall Hammer move together, Terry executes his Buster Wolf attack. If done right, Terry will freeze the second Ice Climber (in the case of the above video, it’s Popo) and himself. Nana will then look on in abject horror, just like this:

Freeze 1

Her face frozen in a state of sheer terror, Nana can do nothing but dash dance around the stage. Try as she might, her attacks do nothing to release Popo from Terry’s time-ending grip. The only way to free anyone from this warped reality is for Nana to bravely sacrifice herself, for the good of the game.

I’ve tried to replicate this glitch at home but was unable to. Perhaps it’s my timing that’s off. Perhaps I need to git gud. Either way, I’m sure that this is a Terry tech that will revolutionize the tournament scene (or be patched out very soon).

How are you enjoying Terry so far? Have you mastered all of his special moves? Will you be adding this freeze technique as a counter to IC at Evo? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear


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