smash bros 6.0 Terry

Terry, the fourth member of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass, rolled out today alongside an awesome new stage, fifty (!) new music tracks, and tons of cameos from beloved SNK characters (just not Mai). Like fellow fighting icon Ryu, Terry has plenty of genre-appropriate quirks to help fans feel right at home, such as automatically facing his opponents and the ability to strengthen his moves with standard fighting game inputs. Since Terry rolled out in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 6.0 this morning, plenty of people have had a chance to try him out. Are you part of that crowd? What do you think so far? Do you see yourself using him a lot?

I think he is a lot of fun. Terry plays similarly to Ryu and Ken in a lot of ways, but his moveset is just different enough to stand out. His high-flying moves are a bit more amenable to my playstyle, so I can suddenly enjoy the controlled inputs in a way that I was never really able to with Ryu and Ken.

So far, every DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a home run. Piranha Plant is ridiculous fun, Joker and Banjo are dreams come true, and Hero is just absurd, off-the-wall chaos. Terry, meanwhile, is a solid fighter who brings a boatload of content with him. I can’t wait to use him more. What about you?

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