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If there is one thing we cannot escape, it’s the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Through ups and downs, Sega’s mascot has endured. Although the film’s quality has yet to be determined, the Blue Blur at least looks more like his video game self now. But were you aware of a pre-production time before the first trailer assaulted our eyes? Rumor has it pictures of Sonic’s initial test design are now available online.

A test design featuring a grizzled old vet

Here are images of the first Sonic pitch, courtesy of Twitter user @sonicstadium and @Dastanovich_:

The blue boy looks a little different. It appears he’s been through a lot and isn’t taking anyone’s sass. Also, Sonic is just a tad fuzzier. Thankfully, none of these shots has his mouth open.

Hopefully, the upcoming feature will be a decent time. The humor in the last trailer fell a little flat for me, but I love Sonic’s updated model. If nothing else, I’m confident I will enjoy Jim Carrey overact in all of his scenes as Dr. Robotnick.

Enthusiasts, what is your opinion on this test design? Are you spending money to go see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie on its release date? Let us know below!

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