Tetris 99 7th Maximus Cup Super Kirby Clash theme

Tetris 99 may have added a bunch of unlockable themes via the new ticket exchange in the latest update for the game, but that doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to those good ol’ fashioned limited-time event themes. The latest Maximus Cup event has been announced for Tetris 99, and it’s bringing a slick new Super Kirby Clash theme with it.

Starting Friday, Sept. 20 at 12 a.m. PT, players can boot up their Switch, hop onto Tetris 99, and start earning Maximus Cup points. Every game of Tetris 99 you finish earns you a certain amount of points based on how well you do. Earn a total of 100 points, and you’ll be the owner of a brand new theme that replaces the visuals and music of the game with cute art and killer tracks from the brand new Kirby game, Super Kirby Clash.

If you’ve been playing that game, as well, there’s another bonus for you to earn in this Maximus Cup. Players who participate during the Maximus Cup event will be given 99 Gem Apples to use in Super Kirby Clash.

You’ll need to act fast, though, because the 7th Maximus Cup only runs until Monday, Sept. 23. If you haven’t participated in one of these before, you can expect it to take an average of an hour or two to earn the points needed in order to unlock the new theme.


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