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The 6th Maximus Cup for Tetris 99 is offering up a brand new in-game theme based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Competing in the Maximus cup nets you a certain number of points for each round of Tetris 99 you play. Reaching 100 points gets the theme, pretty simple.

If you’re good enough to land first place, you’ll get those 100 points right off the bat. Still, even if you can’t beat out just ten other players you’ll still get one point. So it’ll only take you between one and 100 games to earn that theme. The 6th Maximus Cup runs from August 23 12 a.m. PT through August 26 11:59 p.m. PT.

The full list of point values per game played is pretty generous:

1st place – 100 points

2nd place – 50 points

3rd place – 30 points

4th-10th place – 20 points

11th-30th place -15 points

31st-50th place – 10 points

51st-90th place – 5 points

91st-99th place – 1 point

This might get me back in

Now I haven’t touched Tetris 99 for a few months, but even I could claim that prize in only six or seven games. While the intent is to clearly cross-promote the games to as many people as possible, Its certainly piqued my interest back in Tetris 99.

Aside from the various Maximus cups, Tetris 99 has enjoyed continued support since its launch. The single-player DLC content launched in May this year and contained an offline battle mode and a standard marathon mode. The physical version of Tetris 99 is releasing soon as well, which will contain the DLC as well as a full year of Nintendo Switch Online.

Since Tetris 99 is free to play with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, I can’t imagine there will be too many people skipping out on this event, especially Fire Emblem fans. I just hope the theme itself isn’t that still image of the two Byleths. Female Byleth has a slight… off quality to her.


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