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If you hear the words “Tetris: The Movie” and laugh incredulously at the thought of trying to create a story around giant blocks falling from the sky, well, you’re absolutely right to feel that way. However, that isn’t what this movie is. Stan & Ollie director Jon S. Baird and writer Noah Pink are creating a movie about how Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris in the Soviet Union in the 1980s, which sounds infinitely more interesting, and Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films is producing. And now, Apple has acquired the rights to the movie.

Taron Egerton will star in Tetris: The Movie as Dutch video game entrepreneur Henk Rogers, “who secured the global rights to distribute Tetris on video game consoles.” The roles of Alexey Pajitnov and businessmen Robert and Kevin Maxwell have not yet been cast. The movie will be shooting in Scotland.

Since Apple has acquired Tetris: The Movie, one would assume it will find a home at Apple TV+ exclusively, but this has not been confirmed. It’s a very confusing era for movies in general, considering, for instance, that Wonder Woman 1984 will now be debuting free on HBO Max. You never know what’s going to happen next, thanks to COVID.

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