Super Mario Maker is a big hit with Wii U owners, as creating your own Super Mario levels and playing others has caught on like wildfire. One of the initial complaints about the game was that content for creators was behind a short time lock however. Nintendo did patch this from a 9 day lock to a shorter one, but still, a lock remains on some content. In a recent interview with Takashi Tezuka, he explains the reasoning behind the time locked content.

This decision was part of our basic policy. We wanted the rewards to increase as you became more familiar with the game and to look forward to what would unlock the next day. From our testing, we learned that if too much was available all at once many players weren’t sure what they should do and didn’t have as much fun with the game.

Do you agree with the decision to lock things in a brief time lock? Let us know in the comments.

Shawn Long
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