Thanos Smash Ultimate mod playable

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has over 70 fighters, but if there are still some missing characters you’d like to see, there’s always the modding community. Talented modders can and will add just about anyone to the game. In the past, we’ve reported on mods that added Shaggy, Deku, and Master Chief. Today we’ve got a crossover with an even more powerful combatant. Thanos, the menace of the Marvel Universe, is now playable with mods. You can check out the newcomer in action below!

Thanos made playable in Smash Ultimate

About the mod

At this time, this mod only provides some excellent visual flair. Thanos does not come with his own unique move set. Instead, he’s a re-work of Ganondorf. Given that they’re both big, hulking, powerful fighters, it feels like a pretty good fit. But oh man would it be awesome to see a custom-made Infinity Gauntlet Final Smash!

Like many of the Smash Ultimate mods we’ve shared in recent months, this one was crafted by DemonslayerX8. If you’re interested in their work, you can check them out on Twitter or support them on Patreon. The video showcase was provided by YouTuber BeardBear, and they’ve got plenty of similar content on their channel.

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