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Anyone that’s into recording gameplay videos for platforms like YouTube is bound to be familiar with capture cards. But, just in case you’re not, they’re devices that connect to your console and TV/monitor that are able to record all of the action on-screen directly from the video source. It’s the best way to get the cleanest footage possible. Doing this on handheld devices is notoriously difficult due to most not being able to output to larger displays, hence why specialty capture cards became necessary. The 3DS had one company that created such cards in Japan—Katsukity. Now, that company has gone out of business.

Katsukity has shut its doors completely, both in the real world and digital realm as its office location and website are now gone. The company has filed for bankruptcy. An exact reason for the sudden closure has not been given, but speculation points to the recent change in Japanese copyright laws which have banned the act of making modifications to hardware and software. Since these capture cards do fall under that umbrella, that would effectively make Katsukity an illegal business.

While the core company is gone, the product does live on by means of Merki, the European distributor. Once this stock has been depleted, then Katsukity’s 3DS capture cards will officially be off the market for good. That said, the prices these cards are going for is already pretty steep, so any re-sellers that pop up might take even further advantage of that.

On that note, take the time now to appreciate the Switch’s built-in screen capture functionality. This is one of the features I’m personally very happy Nintendo ‘copied’ from the other current-gen systems. While it’s still not as robust or as quality-oriented as an actual capture card, it’s nice to have such a feature out of the box rather than having to rely on an external device.

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