How many original 3DS games have you downloaded from the 3DS e-shop so far? Not too many I assume, as the pickings have been slim. But, the e-shop is about to get a big boost. Intelligent Systems, the creators of Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, and Paper Mario, have worked for over a year on their new downloadable title: Pushmo. We will have a full review up soon, but the first impressions are stunning. The word on the street is that this is a killer app with communities already springing up to share their custom-made \”pixel art\” and brain teasers they created with the game. The puzzle gameplay is considered addictive, the visuals are charming, and it makes excellent use of 3D from the first moment you fire up the game.

With the already stellar lineup of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, Pushmo completes the holiday season with a bit of personal touch. Download it now on the e-shop for $6.99.

Our Review for Pushmo has just gone live. Click here to see the review.




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