Having only two games in the Baten Kaitos series and the last one coming out in 2006, to say the series is long overdue for a new entry is an understatement. Both games in the series were exclusive to the GameCube and were quite beloved by critics and RPG fans. The sales didn’t quite live up to that and after a DS entry in the series was canceled Baten Kaitos drifted into relative obscurity.

But the developers, Monolith Soft did anything but. Bought by Nintendo their popularity grew to unseen heights thanks to their Xenoblade Chronicles games. And after making three of those games it sounds like at least one person in the company is getting a little tired of just pumping out Xenoblade games. Speaking on Twitter, art director Yasuyuki Honne had this to say:

It’s been 10 years since the release of Baten Kaitos 2 (Baten Kaitos Origins) and it’s pains me to continue getting requests for a sequel. Since enough time has gone by I think it’s okay to talk about it a bit. Right after the release of Baten Kaitos 2, I was working on a sequel at Namco (now Bandai Namco) and we were onto pre-productions, however before Baten Kaitos 3 could become a reality, talk between involved parties ended due to circumstances.


Had we released the game, it would’ve been something grand, and would take you to the bottom of the seas, the earth, and the sky. Bandai Namco still has a lot of my plan work that’s been sealed away. For those of you requesting a sequel, don’t just ask Monolith Soft and myself, but Bandai Namco as well.

So, for Baten Kaitos fans frustrated that the series has been on ice for so long, there is hope after all. We just have to bug Monolith Soft and Bandai Namco. That should be easy, I think fans already do that anyway. Let’s hope this can inspire some next level bugging and we can make a third Baten Kaitos happen.

Tyler Wise
Been a fan of video games ever since I opened up a Game Boy with Pokemon Yellow one Christmas far too long ago. I even taught myself to read by playing it! From then on, games and words have always been linked for me. I found that what I really liked about video games (and every other thing I owned) was the stories they held. I'm honored to be here, using my words to talk about the wonderful worlds that games can take us to.


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