The Crown Tundra gets a short new trailer, promises it’s ‘coming soon’

pokémon sword and shield: the crown tundra trailer nintendo switch

A new Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra trailer has been released. If you’re hoping for new details on the next DLC expansion for the latest Pokémon game, keep looking. While the trailer doesn’t tell us anything new, its release is still interesting. The description for the The Crown Tundra trailer explains that players will lead an expedition to the Crown Tundra to unravel the mystery of the Legendary Pokémon Calyrex that once ruled over the land.

The description ends with the words “coming soon.” Of course, it could still be potentially months before we see this DLC launch. However, there would be little point in putting out a trailer now with the release date set for November, unless this was a mistake. (It was uploaded to the “Nintendo South Africa Distributor” YouTube channel, which seems a bit unusual.) Hopefully this is the start of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company gearing up to release Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra in the not too distant future. The DLC continues to be slated to release this fall.

Perhaps the Pokémon Company will hold a livestream of some sort in the future to officially reveal the release date. That would be a great opportunity for us to learn more about the new Pokémon in this expansion and any new activities we can take part in.


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