The Forgotten City release date summer 2021 Nintendo Switch Dear Villagers Modern Storyteller

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Modern Storyteller will launch time-looping murder mystery The Forgotten City on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in summer 2021, per a new release window trailer. The game began life as a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that was downloaded more than 3 million times and won several awards, but this new version coming to Switch and other platforms is a “full-scale reimagining” depicting an ancient Roman city in an open world built with Unreal Engine.

Here is the premise of The Forgotten City:

Trapped in a secret underground city in the time of the Roman Empire, twenty-three lost souls cling to life. In this precarious utopia, if one person breaks the mysterious Golden Rule, everyone dies. As a time-traveller drawn two thousand years into the past, you’ll relive their final moments in an endless loop, exploring and interrogating, and changing the course of the day with each secret you uncover.

You will be interacting with several richly developed characters and engaging in moral problems with deathly consequences. There will be many ways to approach the myriad challenges that arise, from using logic and exploiting the time loop to engaging in stealth and bribery. The Forgotten City allows you to decide your character’s gender and backstory, and the mystery will offer multiple endings. Although, as per usual, expect the graphics of The Forgotten City to take a hit on Switch compared to what you see in the trailer.

Stay tuned for a final release date for The Forgotten City on Nintendo Switch.

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